Agri Invent Limited



Agri Invent Limited is an agrochemical company, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh delivering some science - based solution in agricultural sector. We deals pesticide (herbicides, acaricides, insecticides, fungicides), fertilizer (micronutrients), plant growth regulator, seed, agricultural equipment (spray machines, fogger machines, ULV machines) etc.

We are proud to introduce quality products amongst the farmers, the key performer of economy of Bangladesh. The strategy of the company is focused in adding value to our customers by solving their process problems in an innovative way. Our commitment is to make sustainable agriculture - farming with future generations in mind. We do that in many ways, for example improving productivity by minimizing production cost through innovative research and introducing new technology.

We are dedicated to improving life, environment through research and development of those products. Our team is young, energetic, aggressive, experienced and professional.

Vision: Our vision is to make food security to meet the global challenges of tomorrow.


Mission: To passionately innovate what is essential to human progress by providing sustainable solutions to our customers.


Values: Production of highest quality products to enhance the value of the company in order to become a leader in domestic markets as well as international through highest Customers satisfaction.