Agri Invent Pest Control was formed in 2009 with the objective to meet up the needs for professional pest control services in Bangladesh. We have a skilled, young, energetic, aggressive, experienced and professional tem for pest control. We developed sustainable pest control methodology in line with the condition of this country.


Agri Invent Pest Control is operated under the direct supervision of Dr. M Mahbubur Rahman Gazi, Director, Agri Invent Limited. Dr. Gazi completed his Ph D degree in Crop Protection & Toxicology and gathered adequate practical knowledge for pest control from different national multinational companies during his service life.


Agri Invent Pest Control treats many different types of pests. From the smallest ant to the largest rat! We pride ourselves in the ability to use effective, eco-friendly and reasonably priced methods to keep you pest free. Give us a call at 01710 199436 or email us to request more information at


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Mosquitoes naturally gather at entrances because that is where they see movement and smell the highest concentrations of carbon dioxide, lactic acid, as well as other human scents. Each time you open the door you are inviting mosquitoes to travel in your direction.


The proper placement and use of the Mosquito Maze allows you to kill mosquitoes "day in and day out" all season long with no risk of pesticides. The mosquitoes ability to breed is so greatly reduced that the area around a house / restaurant / building is no longer a mosquito problem area and no mosquitoes are getting into your house / restaurant / or building. Follow the simple instructions that come with the unit for easy installation.